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Rainmake Project ver2.0 'SATOYAMA SYSTEM' Report -------17-25.Feb.2009

丂Rainmake Project ver2.0 'SATOYAMA SYSTEM' Report Feb.20-23 & Apr. & Jun..2009
We are pleased to report you that we held Clay Ball Workshop and sowed the clay balls in Kenya from 17th to 25th Feb, 2009.

We have started the sustainable forest making Joint Project "SATOYAMA SYSTEM" that Prof. kazue Fujiwara (Lab. of Vegetation Science Graduate School and Faculty of Environment and Information Sciences Yokohama National University) cooperates with, and also together with the local joint researchers, Prof. Simon Mathenge and Prof. Patrick Mutiso who are the botanists of Nairobi University. For our first trial, we had made clay balls and sowed them in suburbs of Nairobi, Ongata Rongai with the local inhabitants.

We also had workshop at Elementary school in Kibwezi and presented solar system which had made by Taguchi Craft. We sincerely hope it helps the local children to improve their educations.

Here is the activity reports below.

侾乯-1丂 Kibwezi Clay Ball Workshop
Venue: Muytashano Elementary school in Kibwezi
Participants: 400children + some of their parents丂
Date: 20th and 21st Feb, 2009

Workshop & sowing at Baobab Village, Kibwezi


Mr. Cosmos’ orphanage where we had been last time had moved to further on and so we finally arrived the venue at 3pm even though we had left Nairobi at 7am!!!


Surprisingly, it is like a paradise there. We could see many trees and plants, which made us feel there was no need to make forest by using our clay ball method. But we realized their severe realities at our first visit of Mwitaasyano Elementary school soon. The fact is they had lost their own lands when Kenyan government had made Chullu Hils National Park there and at last, they has arrived this place to get along somehow. They are the one who were driven away from their SATOYAMA.
photo photo

We held clay ball workshop for all students and teachers who had heard about the method from Mr. Cosmos and would like to increase their food. The total participants became to 400 and we were impressed by the children’s serious expressions.



侾乯-2丂Kibwezi Solar System Establishment

We presented solar panel made by Taguchi Craft to Mr. Cosmos’s orphanage.


We also could offer them new educational program with two laptop computers that we had brought with. There is no connection to electricity and telephone but there are many places that we can use cell phones due to the flat landforms. This solar panel could help them to save their expenses.

2乯 Ongata Rongai丂丂Preparation for Measure Data at Trial Field.

Venue: Ongata Rongai丂
Date: 22nd and 23rd Feb, 2009

In cooperation with Prof. Mathenge and Prof. Mutiso who are the botanists of Nairobi University, we have kept an area (10m×20m) within 1m square ×200 areas as the trial field for clay balls under Prof. Fujiwara from Yokohama National University. (Picture 7) We has made and sowed clay balls mainly with the seeds of acacia and croton.



After this, Prof. Mathenge and Prof. Mutiso would make data of the plants’ growths every two months and send them to Prof. Fujiwara. With the data, we would demonstrate effectivity and possibility of the clay balls.

丂Ongata Rongai Clay Ball Growth Report 28th Apr. & 5th Jun..2009

We are pleased to report you our activities of sowing clay balls at the trial fields in Ongata Rongai on 22nd and 23rd Feb, 2009.

1乯 Ongata Rongai丂Report on 28th Apr, 2009


Various acacias 乮6 kinds of acacias in all such as Sp , Kirkii ,Hockii , Senegal etc.乯 have grown up to 2-6cm.


Prof. Mathenge / Local Joint Researcher


Prof. Mutiso / Local Joint Researcher

2乯 Ongata Rongai丂Report on 5th Jun, 2009


Acacias (Kirkii, Hockii) have grown up to 9-10cm.


‘It’s difficult to find out the germination from the clay balls because other grasses around them have also grown strongly.’ - Prof. Mathenge /Local Joint Researcher



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