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Here is a message from Lilian Odero,Representative of  Rainmaker Kenya,
for Japan and all the people hit by the earthquake/tsunami.

The devastating earthquake/tsunami has been a great shock to all of us here.  
We are praying for japan and all the people who lost their loved ones in this horrific tragedy.
Please let us know if we can assist in any way that is possible for us.
We continue to pray that the radiation from the reactors will be contained so as not to affect people.
Our prayers go out to your wonderful nation and we wish japan a quick recovery from the devastating loss.

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Rainmaker Project
【the grove of the village shrine 】&【SATOYAMA】 with Clay Ball in Africa (PDF Download)
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Rainmaker Project −against desertification「アフリカに里山を」 ----Sep.2009
◇ Rainmake Project ver2.0 'SATOYAMA SYSTEM' Report -------Feb.2009
◆ New Photos at Feb.2009 in Kenya

募金サイト イーココロ!Ecocoro. Green to the earth in Africa in "clay ball method".


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You will contain the birth of the life such as "Put it on the soil", "The bud came out", "Expanded so much", and "It is a pumpkin" in the photograph, affix the message, and contribute the clay ball that tucked the seed?It introduces it with this BLOG.





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