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A message fromourdirector in Kenya


Ms. Lillian Adongo Odero

Most of the Kenyan have a sense of impending crisis for desertification. So they have much interested in our project and take an active part in our activity. On the other hand, I have seen often the scene where some trees that come out from clay ball and grown were cut down or pull away. But I found people steadily getting aware of protect trees. I believe we can reforest finally.

Mr. Marc Rigaudis

n Kenya , rapid desertification results in frequent droughts and serious lack of food and water, and many people seek water in everywhere. I have documented such a tragedy caused by desertification in Kenya for some time.( The Last Song) I thought it was miracle when I first heard of clay ball method. I was surprised with the effect after scattering clay ball, and gradually Kenyan people gradually get understanding the effect of clay ball method.

The Last Song (2004/DV/52min./Marc Rigaudis)


It had really never occurred to me that human beings could become extinct. Whenever I came across that word, I always associated it to other things like animals, volcanoes etc.

Then one day a friend mentioned this group of people who coincidentally came from my country-THE ELMOLO!
He mentioned the fact that they were becoming extinct and I was really amazed and fascinated by this and at his suggestion and encouragement, I decided to pursue this story…….

Details of activities

・Reforestation using clay ball method
・To spread clay ball method among the Kenyan inhabitants
・Environmental education by workshop and showing films, etc.


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A message fromourdirector in Kenya
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