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manifune 1st Album

-A portion of sales of this album supports Rainmaker Project.
1.In this Life (5'04")
2.Seeds of Hope (6'37")
3.Flower (6'13")
4.Rainmaker (4'56")
5.Jungle Wild Spirits (5'23")
6.I'm Calling You (4'52")
7.Under the same Sky, on the same Planet (4'56")
8.Till the end of Wisdom (4'52")

Ryuji Enokida(Vo,G)
Takuya Abe(Ds,Perc)
Toru Suzuki(B,Perc)

Special Guest
Jun Okada(G.Solo)on” In This Life”
picture by Shinichi Nagaoka

It had a mysterious dream on a certain morning. All in the world were the sounds there. It asked me for the sound that sounded an innumerable bell each other and became it so.

「Be inscrutable, and know pleasure that the existence of you.」
-All songs for Rainmaker Project
It is a rainmaker project that leads the earth in Kenya in which it suffers
from desertification in to "Green", and does the knowhow instruction to
people as for "Clay ball" that kneads the plant seed.
A part of earnings of this album becomes the support.


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