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The objective of our project is to reforest and invite Rainfall into areas
suffering from desertification. To accomplish this feat, we are using “the clay ball” method
pioneered by Japanese farmer and originator of the Natural Farming agricultural system,
Masanobu Fukuoka.
Kenyan republic embassy Dennis N.O . Yokohama& N PO
corporation art project chief director ryuji Enokida (2006/03/08)
In Kenya
In the past 10years, the ratio of green lands in Kenya has dropped dramatically from 15% to 1.7%, resulting in frequent droughts and serious lack of food and water. The admirable efforts by several groups using conventional tree-planting
methods, where seedlings are grown in tree farms and then replanted in selected areas, have had some success but with painfully slow results due to the fact that such methods require high level of investment, expertise, and labor to set up and maintain. Such groups also have seemed to be working in relative solitude, without awareness of, or connection with, similar groups in other partsof Kenya.
Success in trial

The third run was executed in March, 2007 in Nyanza Province, using 22kg of 10types of seeds. (We have not yet confirmed the results of this run.) And, we are in the process of setting up a Clay ball Center in the region. We also executed a clay ball workshop on March 23 at an elementary school in Makueni Province, Scattering a little more than 600 clay balls in nearby areas. UNEP has given Rainmaker Project official endorsement and lent us use of gardeners, storage space in Nairobi, and space for experimentation.(→See Local Activity Report

At the same time, we document the entire process on film to raise awareness and support from
corporations and citizens around the glove.



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